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We're Restoring What The Modern World Is Taking Away

Meet The Team

Caitlin McLaughlin (they/them)

Scottish born Caitlin grew up on the North East of Northumberland,

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Matt Ling (He/him)

Matthew Ling is a Canadian, British. He loves everything about Trees.

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Our Difference

By building a team of local planters who care for their working environment, each member of our team takes pride in what they do. By specialising in Native woodland creation the job becomes more than just work, but a passion for creating future woodlands that will thrive.

We are taking the time to ensure that everything we do, we can be proud of. Our quality is second to none and that comes from meticulous training, led by Matthew Ling,  ensuring all of our planters are meeting our high standards before being left to their own devices out on site.

Further to training, work is quality checked and assured. We are planning to grow organically, maintaining our quality standards and our collective mission as a team.

Our Story

A Labour of Love

Our steadfast leader, Matthew Ling, has been in the Tree Planting industry for over 15 years. Starting his career in BC Canada, he learnt to manage crews, sites and logistics, Canadian style. 

Matt then ventured overseas to experience the industry in Scotland, UK. There, he met Caitlin. 

Bar-tending a rural pub on Scotland’s West coast, Caitlin tired of cleaning the muck off the front of the bar after the Tree planters had been in. 

Shortly after, Caitlin had joined the team and was planting Trees alongside Matthew. 

They spent two years planting in Scotland before heading over to Canada, there they partook in two Summer planting seasons in BC. In-between seasons driving coast to coast to Nova Scotia to spend a winter there and explore Canada’s natural wonders along the way. 

Matt and Caitlin decided to head back to Scotland to start a family, taking all they had learnt in Canada and implementing it to their business model here in Scotland. 

They now have a two year old child and another on the way, have settled back on the West coast of Scotland and the business is in its second year.

They are building a legacy they are proud to leave behind them, for their family and for the planet. A labour of love. 

Building A Future We Can All Be Proud Of

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