Planting the Trees of the Future

McLaughlin & Ling Reforestation

With a deep understanding of the essential factors that contribute to the growth and vitality of Trees, we ensure that the Trees of the future are given the best possible start in life.

Every Tree Counts.

M&L Reforestation hold the belief that every Tree holds immense value. This is why we have diligently counted each and every one of them since our inception in 2021:

Trees Planted
“Canadian head with Northumbrian soul. The team are passionate, experienced and hard as nails. We’ve worked together for a few years now and I’m always delighted with quality of planting”
David Pelly
Tree Story
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Our Ethos

We tread lightly upon the land on which we work. Taking pride in all that we do. The wellbeing of our workforce and the environment is our priority.

We strive to build a team of diverse individuals with strong work ethics and integrity.

McLaughlin & Ling Reforestation collaborate closely with other companies in the Forestry Sector to uphold the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

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Current Deforestation Statistics

420 million

hectares have been
lost since 1990


of the worlds forests are
protected from deforestation


Trees are cut down
every minute

While we can't do much to change these numbers, we can make sure that we're putting back what the modern world is taking out.

We're Building Something Special

Reaching our goals wouldn't be possible without a dedicated team of planters who know their craft. Click below to learn more about our team and their dedication to reforestation across the UK.

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M&L Reforestation are dedicated to providing a quality service to forestation projects across the United Kingdom.

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